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Actors and friends from the ’80s reunite in Mahabalipuram


Actors and friends from the ’80s, celebrated friendship and brotherhood once again this year.

This time around, the stars decided to take a two-day break at an exotic sea side resort at Mahabalipuram, far away from the maddening city.

The venue was decorated with purple orchids, pom poms, balloons, masks, confetti, art and artefacts, all in purple, keeping up with the theme. The guests arrived on 17th November morning in their sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts.

This is the 8th reunion of the stars where the theme was deep purple.

Suhasini and Lissy played perfect hosts on the occasion along with Rajkumar Sethupathy, Poornima Bhagyaraj and Khushbu. It was a rare sight to see 28 stars shining in deep purple.

As Revathy and Khushbu performed to 1960s and 70s Hindi melodies, Suresh & Ramya, Sumalatha & Naresh and Radhika & Sarathkumar pitched in with their duets.

Singer Sriram sang songs of each stars and the actors narrated anecdotes about their songs. On the fashion front, Men’s team lead by Chiranjeevi was declared winners of the ramp walk.

The reunion continued the next day as the stars arrived for an authentic Tamil breakfast. On day two, the discussions were holistic, spiritual and philosophical. The 28 stars returned to their respective shooting schedules to their cities after the two-day retreat.


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