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Legendary Indian singer MG Sree Kumar to lead “Sree Ragam 2019” music shows in UK


Sreeragam 2019 presents a breathtaking event to commemorate the achievements of the legendary singer turned composer- M G Sreekumar who has given us more than 3,000 songs, throughout his illustrious career of 35 years. His contribution to the music industry is absolutely exemplary. Let us all assemble in this mellifluous musical extravaganza as a token of respect for our beloved singer and celebrate his life and music.

Get ready for some smiles and cheers as you go down the mesmerising musical journey, accompanied by other eminent singers- Shreya Kutty and Teenu Tellance. The musical stage show will then be followed by lively dance performances by professional dancers, who have been wowing the UK audience since decades.

Join us at this gala event to tune up to catchy yet rhythmic songs and experience the energetic live performances. Also, stay prepared to laugh your heads off because we will be hosting a stand-up comedy show just to ensure a full packed entertaining evening.

This is just a heartfelt invitation to all the music lovers out there in the UK. Come, unleash the musician in you, and celebrate M G Sreekumar’s musical journey. We look forward to your presence at the musical extravaganza.

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