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Get wet in Meghalaya – Travelogue by Ejey


Get wet in Meghalaya – By Ejey

The name Meghalaya usually brings an image of clouds and rainy-foggy lands. We were ready to get drenched in the pouring weather of Cherrapunji and walk through the muddy fields of Shora. But our expectations were all squashed by the winter. Not even a single drop of rain fell on us. The land was dry with daffodil yellow grasses.

Video: A Journey to Cherrapunji

Well, Meghalaya doesn’t mean 365 days of rain. This north-eastern state of India also experience different seasons – Winter, Summer, Monsoon, and Spring. But if you are looking for getting wet in Meghalaya, make sure that you reach the pavilion of clouds anytime between July and September.

Video: Walking the living root bridge in Meghalaya

Our 4 days of exploration during the early December exposed us to Shora region that includes Cherrapunji, and Dawki which borders to Bangladesh. Now to the frequently asked questions;

1. How to reach Meghalaya?
Meghalaya is well connected with Guwahati by road networks. The nearest railhead is Guwahati, the capital of Assam. Guwahati railway station is at a distance of 100 kilometres from Shillong. The nearest Airport for accessing Meghalaya by air is Guwahati which is at a distance of 120 kilometres from Shillong.
Meghalaya transport department is running helicopter services to Shillong and Tura from Guwahati. You can get the details of helicopter services to Meghalaya here.

2. What is the best time to visit Meghalaya?
It depends. If you love to enjoy the rimjim rimjim rainy season, you must visit Meghalaya between July and September. And if you want to travel dry and see the most, you should plan a visit between September and April. So, the best time to visit Meghalaya is purely based on your intent.

3. How to travel within Meghalaya?
Roads in Meghalaya are narrow and curvy. If you want to explore the major places in Meghalaya as a budget traveller, you can buy tickets from Meghalya Tourism Department for various conducted tours. There are also cabs that can help you reach the major destinations within the state

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